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Pharmaceutical Repackagers

Repackagers play a vital and unique role in the pharmaceutical supply chain due to the need for accurate labeling, serializing, and classification. Serialization and track and trace laws for manufacturers and wholesalers typically converge with repackagers. Repackagers buy or are supplied with bulk drug, and break them into smaller or larger packages, or from bottles to blister packs. Repackagers receive T3 data from manufacturers, generate new and unique serial numbers to match newly labeled products, and in the case of U.S. repackagers, they are responsible generating new T3 data for downstream trading partners.

True or False: Repackaging of Medication is a Common Process in a Hospital Pharmacy

The truth is that repackaging of medication is a common process. Repackaging in hospital pharmacies is often used for bulk drug repackaging, among other pharmaceutical applications. The process requires consistent accuracy and reliability, which is achievable through the use of track and trace software for repackagers, along with other solutions. Whether you’re in need of solutions for repackaging medications or other pharmaceutical products, we can ensure your business gets what it requires to maintain efficiency of operation, satisfying both you and your partners in the long run.

You won’t need to work with another software provider when you turn to rfxcel, where you’ll find custom solutions that are always tailored to meet the individual needs of your supply chain.

Solutions for Bulk Repackagers Supply Chain Management

rfxcel specializes in the unique needs of repackagers with specific track and trace solutions, which can help repackagers with supply chain management when it comes to maintaining efficiency and accuracy, for bulk drug repackaging and more. To learn more about traceability, check out our articles What is Serialization and What is Track & Trace for Pharmaceuticals or contact us today to speak with one of our traceability experts. We’re ready to help develop a complete solution that meets the needs of your business, giving you what you need as a pharmaceutical repackager.