Dispenser Solutions for Retail and Hospital Pharmacy Settings

Supply Chain Solutions for Pharmacies

Effective Pharmacy Dispenser Drug Supply Chain Management SolutionsDispensers in retail and hospital pharmacy settings play a critical role in ensuring the safe dispensation of medicines. New serialization and track and trace regulations like the EU Falsified Medicines Directive (EU FMD) and the U.S. Drug Supply Chain Act (DSCSA) specifically call on retail and hospital pharmacy dispensers to play an active role in verifying product origins, identifying adulterated or counterfeit drugs, report suspicious products and—in the case of European dispensers—decommission medicines from the supply chain at the point of sale.

Effective Pharmacy Dispenser Drug Supply Chain Management Solutions

rfxcel’s pharmacy dispenser supply chain platform, SNAP, can accommodate track and trace regulations regardless of the country. Because of our long history in the industry and relationships with manufacturers and wholesalers, our customers benefit from shorter onboarding periods and quick trading partner connections. We pride ourselves on providing pharmacy dispenser supply chain solutions that meet the size of your operation and scope of regulations. So, you never end up with or pay for functionality you don’t need. Our hospital and retail pharmacy dispenser solutions provide simplified workflows and keep up with the changing laws and regulations, so you don’t have to. This will allow you to spend more time and resources on your business, without the need to remain concerned about your supply chain’s productivity.

Know That Your Pharmacy Supply Chain is in Good Hands

Regardless of what your business requires, we’ll work with you to make sure you get the solution you need when you need it, which can cover all necessary bases. You can trust rfxcel to provide you with what your business needs to succeed, satisfying you and your partners. You’ll take comfort in knowing that no aspect of your supply chain is overlooked or underutilized, enabling you to spend more time and money on the rest of your business in the long run.

Read on to learn more about the EU FMD and U.S. DSCSA or contact us today to speak with one of our traceability experts. We’ll provide you with a complete custom solution based on your specific needs as a pharmacy, whether you’re looking for more effective serialization or tracking and traceability for your supply chain.