rfxcel’s Solution Suite - Drive Visibility & Gain Trust


Solution Suite for Customers

The retail environment has never been more challenging, as consumers are quickly adopting a myriad of different platforms to meet their food buying needs. Retailers must leverage everything at their disposal to gain customer trust while improving their operations to improve the bottom line.

While inefficient or opaque supply chains can cause major headaches for retailers, the market leaders are finding ways to make their supply chains an asset, rather than a threat. rfxcel’s solution suite is built to work with your existing ERP, EDGE or WMS systems, and with those of your supply chain partners to provide complete and accurate product pedigrees. Our unrivaled platform flexibility makes end-end product traceability possible. Combined with our data validation tools, rfxcel ensures that your traceability protocols can be met with accuracy by you and your supply chain partners, whether that be blockchain solutions, GS1 data bars or a combination of different standards.

Out-of-stocks, shrink and inaccurate inventory ledgers can hamstring growth and expansion into new markets or realizing just-in-time inventory goals. rfxcel’s inventory management tools help drive visibility and process improvements across your organization, delivering new opportunities to optimize operations.