Contract manufacturing and packaging organizations (CMOs and CPOs)

Contract Manufacturing Organizations (CMOs) and Contract Packaging Organizations (CPOs) provide manufacturing (CMOs) and packaging (CPOs) services to Pharmaceutical Manufacturers on a contract basis.

CMOs and CPOs, like Manufacturers, will need to be able track their products at a unit level. This will require serialization down to the smallest saleable unit.

For CMOs and CPOs, rfxcel offers rfxcel Traceability System (rTS), rfxcel Serialization Processing (rSP), and rfxcel Compliance Management (rCM). These solutions provide CMOs and CPOs the ability to fully serialize everything they produce, down to the unit level. These serialized codes allow for complete supply chain traceability. rCM gives CMOs and CPOs the flexibility they need to provide their customers with products that are compliant in whatever market they need to be.

Rfxcel’s web portals are easy to integrate with, and we shoulder most of the implementations process. We fully validate that are all your systems work as they should and are compliant with all the regulations that they need to.

With over 100 data checks to verify data, rfxcel works hard to ensure there is no bad data exiting a CMOs or CPO’s facility.