Understanding the Power of Time Management in Customer Service

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Mastering Time Management in Customer Service

Effective time management and a sense of urgency bring better customer service

My father emphasized that all events are a function of timeJust as our lives are bounded by a start and end date – all activities that occur in between also have a time-sensitivity.

This lesson has a big impact on me and drives a sense of urgency in everything I do:

  • Meetings are succinct
  • Discussions are to the point
  • Schedules are managed.

I want to bring this sense of urgency to the new Customer Success  team at rfxcel.

Our 60 day implementation plan is the result of our consistency and planning. Our implementation teams are strong in setting standard artifacts, processes and industry best practices.  This ensures that we deliver value in the shortest time possible to our customers, partners and with other vendors.

We ensure to meet customer’s deadlines. We review customer progress on a weekly basis with rfxcel’s executive leadership.  If projects are behind schedule we examine them in details. Our team prescribes action plans to meet every task. And if needed, we allocate additional resources to help meet the target dates.

For a smooth and worry free transition we developed a Hyper Care Support Team to complete the implementation process. A Hyper Care process overlaps the efforts of the Implementation and Support team. This ensures proper knowledge transfer and rapid response during the critical go-live period.

I look forward to sharing our new service offerings with you and showcasing our Full Service Approach.  Just like our new implementation processes, this message is short and to the point – less than 250 words.  My father would be proud. 🙂


Vikash Pushpraj

SVP, Professional Services, Cloud Ops & Customer Success

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