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Making food safer with IoT Temperature Sensor

For Dan Ward at Ward Aquafarms, the oyster is his world. That’s why rfxcel and Verizon team provide a solution to Ward Aquafarms, making sure their oysters stay cold from ocean to plate by developing an IoT Temperature Sensor technology to monitor the products at any time and any place. Internet of Things or IoT sensor technology is connecting any device with an on and off switch to the Internet, and to each other. You can learn more about rfxcel Environmental Monitoring (IoT Technology) here.

Ward Aquafarms is a 10 acre, 1,000 cage aquaculture farm located in Megansett Harbor, North Falmouth, MA, farming Oysters, Bay Scallops, and Quahogs. Like every other respectable seafood company, the quality of their products is of paramount importance. Since it takes a lot of time to grow their product, it is essential for the product to reach the consumer in the same level of quality in which it left the farm. At that stage, companies have no control over the shipping and handling of their products,  and no way of knowing what happens to them during transit, and can only learn of any potential problems after the fact when the damage has already been done, and the product has lost its quality. rfxcel is the only serialization and traceability solution provider that provides serialization with IoT Temperature Sensor technology for monitoring the products at a unit and package level, any time and place, changing the dynamic from getting data after the fact versus getting data when the issue’s occurring, and being able to solve it real time. Real data, in real time, for a real delicacy.

About rfxcel Environmental Monitoring (IoT) Software:
rfxcel has developed the Environmental Monitoring Software which provides a rich set of over thirteen (13) monitoring capabilities or sensors to track a diverse set of industry needs. Examples of this include not only temperature monitoring but also Geo-Fencing to ensure that shipments do not deviate from predetermined routes or shipping/receiving locations. Sensor capabilities such as Device Jamming to detect if the signal is being intentionally blocked as the first step to diversion. Also, Light Monitoring (for visible and invisible light waves) to ensure that a sealed container is not opened until it arrives at the point of destination. rfxcel continuously monitors incoming data to ensure data quality with the mission to give organizations real-time insights into their supply chain process. The software sends real-time notification if a problem occurs so customers can act immediately.

For more information about the Environmental Monitoring Software, please visit here or book a quick 30 min demo.

IoT Temperature Sensors
IoT Temperature Sensor