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How rfxcel’s Track and Trace Solutions Secure the Government Supply Chain

rfxcel was formed in 2003 to help the pharmaceutical industry secure its supply chain. As we grew into and succeeded in new commercial business sectors, our leadership team made the strategic decision to enter the public sector and help our government secure its supply chain and protect the public health and safety.

Today, across all the industries we serve, our customers have come to rely on our flexible, customizable track and trace architecture to create solutions that best meet their business needs and adapt as they grow. Let’s see how our technologies help government be prepared for every mission-critical

Ensuring product integrity and public safety throughout the government supply chain

An attack on our food, pharmaceutical, or energy supply chains could be disastrous, and more government departments and agencies are realizing that protecting supply chains is a matter of national security. Like our commercial customers, government organizations can use our full stack of flexible, interoperable, and scalable solutions to see any product in real time, 24/7. Continue reading to find out how.

rfxcel’s Traceability System (rTS) is the core of our traceability solution. It comprises a suite of products that empowers government to link manufacturer serial numbers from production to each time a product changes ownership across the supply chain. All of our products are interoperable with existing government systems and sensors, so implementation is fast and secure.

One of those products is our rfxcel Integrated Monitoring (rIM), which tracks the physical movement and environmental conditions of items in real time as they move through the supply chain. Powered by Internet of Things (IoT) technology, it collects a tremendous amount of data that enables deep visibility into the supply chain from anywhere in the world. It can monitor mission-critical parameters such as temperature, deviation from prescribed routes, battery levels, shock, and tilt, allowing government to take action and prevent damage to products. It can also prevent diversion and theft, and help authorities locate bad actors that want to disrupt supply chain operations.

With rIM and our other solutions, rfxcel delivers unprecedented supply chain security by tracking products and verifying authenticity right down to the unit level. This results in readiness for first responders, law enforcement, and military forces, which can be prepared with the right equipment at the right time. Furthermore, regulators can expedite the identification and removal of counterfeit products, including medicines, from the supply chain.

Customizable for maximum security, accountability, and awareness

rfxcel’s solutions can be used individually or together as a seamless whole to support a comprehensive supply chain traceability and visibility strategy. For government, this means supply chain and related operations will remain secure, aligned, and fast.

No matter how it’s configured, rTS will strengthen the networks that distribute goods and services. It ensures supply chains have the tools to prioritize food, pharmaceuticals, and other vital supplies — during day-to-day operations and emergencies.

With rfxcel track and trace solutions, government can secure supply chains, prioritize critical capabilities, and maintain situational awareness. We provide the solutions and services that make supply chain networks safe and resilient and empower government to proactively manage operations and respond appropriately and quickly.

To learn more, contact our Washington, D.C.-based Government Solutions team today at gov@rfxcel.com or 925-824-0300. Also, take a minute (58 seconds, actually) to watch the video below, which is a succinct introduction to our government supply chain capabilities.




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