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rfxcel Implementation Plan (Part 2 of 7) – Boost Serialization Implementation

Boost serialization implementation with a global team from start to finish and beyond. 

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About the speakers:

Rose Campasano, Vice President of Professional Services at rfxcel, is a collaborative leader with over 20 years of IT leadership experience encompassing infrastructure, applications, and business processes. She focuses on nurturing long-lasting, trusted partnerships with rfxcel clients and their integration partners.  She excels at employee motivation and coaching demonstrated by a high performing team.

Herb Wong, Vice President of Marketing at rfxcel, is responsible for defining the rfxcel product roadmap and marketing strategy. He also ensures the coordination of rfxcel’s marketing message and product offering and provides leads and collateral for Sales team members.

In this segment of the interview, Rose and Herb talk about the structure of the rfxcel Professional Service team to boost serialization implementation.

rfxcel has a global Professional Service team structured by different teams of people assigned to the specific parts of the implementation process. Technical project managers are in charge of the initial implementation. They not only do a project plan but also understand and configure the system based on your specific needs. We have a team of IT professionals in charge of validation and testing. They look into your operational qualification with the ability to test your programs and make sure that the serialization process is in compliance with your validation plan. Furthermore, we assign a team dedicated to being your integration partners. They look at your partner connections as we move beyond implementing the software. We designate a team to every customer, and they are obligated to attend every meeting from the beginning. Also, we want our customers to be able to call our project managers with questions, issues they might be facing, support and most of all to build a trusted relationship.

Our Professional Service team at rfxcel has successfully done this serialization implementation process many times. Based on our experience, we offer services that are effective and work.

“We’re the company that’s going to make sure that we partner with you start to finish and beyond the whole idea of our departments. Our goal from the professional services perspective is to make sure that we understand what you need, what your company needs and how your serialization product needs to actually be designed and implemented for you.” says Rose.

The serialization work goes beyond simply installing the software. When you’re looking for a vendor, it is important to look for someone who is going to partner with you. Our rfxcel team offers partnership through the implementation, supporting you through every step of the process.

rfxcel Serialization Implementation Plan is easily configured according to your specific needs and demands. Our team is with you through every step of the process and we offer support during the entire time you are using our services. To help you get a detailed idea of our Serialization Implementation Plan, we have discussed our Plan in seven segments:

  1. Serialization Implementation Plan based on Audit Needs
  2. Boost Serialization Implementation with a Global Team
  3. Global Serialization Implementation Team for Global Customers
  4. A Serialization Solution Provider Focused on the Long Term Relationship
  5. Common Challenges in Serialization Implementations
  6. Implementation kick off with rfxcel
  7. Switching Serialization Providers