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Verification Router Service for Manufacturers and Distributors

A challenge in the pharmaceutical supply chain is accurate and timely verification of serialized saleable customer returns. According to the Healthcare Distribution Alliance (HDA) member survey, saleable pharmaceutical returns comprise 2 to 3 percent — or nearly 60 million units — of total sales annually. HDA and industry leaders are working on solutions to reduce these losses and help manufacturers and distributors to fully comply with DSCSA requirements.

Currently, HDA and industry experts are testing  the verification process of returned products that are saleable. rfxcel is an active member of the “Work Group” formed by HDA to develop an integrated solution such as a Verification Router Service (VRS) Provider. The Verification Router Service community is comprised of Requestors, Responders, VRS Providers, and a Governance Body. rfxcel is piloting its VRS in 2018 in order for wholesaler distributors to meet DSCSA requirements by November 27, 2019.

The proposed saleable returns process is as follows:

  1. A wholesale distributor (Requestor) captures the product identifier information and passes the data to a qualified routing service (VRS), which references the associated GTIN or GCP to automatically query the appropriate Manufacturer’s (Responder) database and return a response in real-time.
  2. The Requestor is responsible for passing the appropriate product identifier data elements to the VRS.
  3. The VRS is responsible for maintaining and looking-up the appropriate repository information of the Responder and submitting appropriately formatted request message to the repository.
  4. The Responders are responsible for providing repository connectivity information to the VRS and providing appropriate responses to the verification requests by matching the product identifier received from the Requester with the product identifier in their repositories.

In this scenario, rfxcel is providing the tools manufacturers and distributors need to work together. Only through collaboration they will meet DSCSA compliance in 2019 and 2023. It is crucial for solution providers to have a flexible system that enables them to work closely with customers and their partners to meet compliance deadlines. Within the track and trace pharmaceutical industry, it is important to remember that there is no ‘one-size-fits-all-situation’ to meet DSCSA or other global compliance deadlines and requirements. Each company that rfxcel works with is different. rfxcel  works closely with manufacturers, and wholesalers distributors to determine their needs and build a product that is best for their customers.

As the pioneer and leader in track and trace solutions for the Life Sciences industry, rfxcel has developed a highly scalable platform for supply chain visibility, anti-counterfeiting and compliance. rfxcel takes measures to give manufacturers and distributors a flexible solution for an efficient and secure supply chain as the industry continues to work toward full unit-level serialization (2023).

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Stop Food Poisoning – Helping Keep Food Safe

How can a sensor the size of a nickel help stop food poisoning? rfxcel and Verizon’s advanced Environmental Technology helps proactively monitor the supply chain; keeping the food safe.


For any food provider, the quality of their product is of the utmost importance to stop food poisoning. Fish industries, such as Organic Oceans, are seriously affected by the conditions in which their products are handled and shipped to their clients. The moment the fish gets out of the water, it’s a race against time. Bacteria can multiply to high enough levels that cooking it could not destroy all of them. Research shows that 3,000 Americans die each year from food-borne diseases and 128,000 people hospitalized. It is therefore essential for food providers, such as Organic Oceans, to control the environmental conditions in which their product is delivered to the consumers. To provide top quality fish, it is essential for the fish to stay in an unbroken cold chain (a temperature-controlled supply chain). Sometimes the product arrives and the cold chain has been interrupted. It is essential to identify where in the cold chain that occurred. The Environmental Monitoring Technology helps these food industries to have control over the entire delivery process hence ensuring the client gets the product in excellent condition. Food has to be fresh. It’s that simple.

rfxcel and Verizon developed an advanced environmental monitoring system based on IoT technology to track environmental conditions in real-time. A nickel-sized sensor can securely track the product and measure everything from changes in temperature to humidity. It enables companies to monitor and protect anything they ship and ensures that the shipped and delivered product has the same top quality. Who would think that such a tiny sensor could help keep the food chain safe?

About rfxcel Environmental Monitoring (IoT) Software:
rfxcel has developed the Environmental Monitoring Software which provides a rich set of over thirteen (13) monitoring capabilities or sensors to track a diverse set of industry needs. Examples of this include not only temperature monitoring but also Geo-Fencing to ensure that shipments do not deviate from predetermined routes or shipping/receiving locations. Sensor capabilities such as Device Jamming to detect if the signal is being intentionally blocked as the first step to diversion. Also, Light Monitoring (for visible and invisible light waves) to ensure that a sealed container is not opened until it arrives at the point of destination. rfxcel continuously monitors incoming data to ensure data quality with the mission to give organizations real-time insights into their supply chain process. The software sends real-time notification if a problem occurs so customers can act immediately.

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rfxcel Acquires Frequentz Assets

rfxcel, the world’s leader in supply chain track and trace for the Pharmaceutical industry is pleased to announce the acquisition of assets from Frequentz, Inc., a leading player in life science and food traceability. This combination will bring new benefits to prospective and existing customers.

Under this agreement, rfxcel acquires Frequentz technology, patents, contracts and personnel.  This acquisition enables rfxcel to retain some of the industry’s most talented and knowledgeable personnel in serialization and traceability solutions. rfxcel will assume customer relationships and support for all Frequentz customers in the Pharmaceutical and Food industries.

This combined organization will extend rfxcel’s customer list to include some of the largest manufacturers and wholesalers in the world. This positions rfxcel as the largest independent traceability provider for the Life Sciences and Food industries offering full data and system validation.

“We are thrilled to be joining the leader in this space and to bring food traceability to the global market. We have spent many years developing this market and the combined entity will be the best positioned player in this fast growing industry”, said Charlie Sweat, founder of Frequentz.

“This acquisition will add to our expanding footprint in the global Life Sciences space and launch us into the Food industry. We are very pleased to now offer the world’s most sophisticated product Serialization and Traceability platform to the food industry to ensure consumer safety and enhance supply chain visibility” according to Glenn Abood, CEO of rfxcel.

The acquisition of the Frequentz assets is effective on December 5th, 2017.  Key resources from Frequentz will be transitioned to rfxcel as part of this effort to ensure a seamless experience for all customers.

As the pioneer and leader in track and trace solutions for the Life Sciences industry, rfxcel has developed a highly scalable platform for supply chain visibility, anti-counterfeiting and compliance. This acquisition combined with a recent $30M growth capital infusion and important key hires widens the Company’s lead as the strongest player in the industry.


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